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As each item is individually handmade, slight variations may occur, this adds to the character and uniqueness of your chosen piece.

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Tiaras are available on a "gold" or "silver" colour metal band. These can be adjusted to fit different head shapes by gently bending them. The wire used for the tiara design is either silver plated, gold plated or gold colour beading wire. The gold plated is brighter in colour than the beading wire, which is more subtle (which I prefer). Before ordering, please check that the height of your chosen tiara design is correct. You have the option of ordering the tiara either higher or lower depending on how you will be having your hair styled, or if you will be wearing a veil. Please bear in mind that the tiara will look a bit different if ordered in a different height to the design which is in the photograph. All prices quoted are for the size as described for each tiara. An extra charge may be added if the height you require contains extra crystals etc. Please contact me first for a quote before ordering special sizes. Tiaras can be ordered with coloured crystals, diamante or "pearls" - refer to customise page.

Tiara measurements are: HEIGHT - the highest point, usualy the centre of  tiara depending on design. The measurement is taken from  the lower part of the tiara base. Tiara WIDTH - this is the measurement of the actual detail (wire/beading) measured from one side to the other following the curve of the band base. It is not the measurement  of the actual band. All measurements are approximate.

Care of your Tiaras, Combs,Grips/Pins

Due to the delicate nature of the silver and gold plated wire used for the tiaras, combs,grips/pins it is advisable to keep them in their boxes, or wrappings and away from direct sunlight. Minimal handling and exposure to air will reduce the effects of tarnishing. It is also advisable not to spray hairspray on to them as it could dull the crystals etc. Any floral items should not get wet as the colours could run.

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Grips: These are a standard kirbi grip which measures approx 5cm long (not including the detail). Available in "gold, brown or black.

Pins: Standard pins which measure approx 7cm long (not including the detail). Available in black or brown.  Sometimes available in 5cm if you require.

Wire used for the detail for grips and pins is silver plated or gold coloured beading wire. Most of the grips featured have gold coloured beading wire as it is more subtle in colour than the gold plated which is brighter. If you would like it in gold plated please let me know, the price will be the same. In the drop down option boxes you have a choice for: grip/pin colour followed by wire colour.

Useful Information for Grips/Pins

Kirbi grips are ideal for shorter hair or flowing styles as they grip the hair. Pins are ideal for an "up do" hairstyle. If you have bridesmaids with different colour hair they would each need grips to match their own hair colour. Also please state if you need silver plated or gold plated wire detail to match any tiaras or jewellery. Example: If the bridesmaids have silver tiaras and one has blonde hair and one has black hair you would order gold grips plus black grips all with silver plated wire detail.

Grips/Pins are a lovely versatile way to add interest to bridal hair for the Bride or Bridesmaids. They can be scattered or grouped together for a fantastic effect. Mix and match your grips/pins for an original effect. For example: order your grips in different designs but all in crystal. If the Bride will be wearing a Tiara, but not a veil or will be taking the veil off later, grips/pins can be placed into the back of the hairstyle so that there is detail front and back.

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Most comb designs can be adapted to exclude the comb and to fix on to a tiara base ("gold" or "silver") or a hair clip ("silver" only) please enquire. Wire used is silver plated, gold plated or gold coloured beading wire (which is more subtle in colour than the gold plated which is brighter. Plastic combs are 7.5cm across.

Combs are very versatile as they can be placed anywhere on the head - ideal if the adult bridesmaids are having a hairstyle which is different from the litle ones. They can be positioned to the side, in the middle like a tiara, or if the hair is in an "up do" put the comb in at the back. If the hair style is a french pleat or plaited it can slide in at the side back, or even into the centre of the pleat.

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Each necklace has the approximate size state in the description. If you require the necklace to be made longer, this can be done for you. Or if you're not sure of the finished length you require you could have an extention chain added. Various colours are available. Where a necklace has more than one strand, the length is taken from the shortest strand. The clasps and necklace findings are NOT made from precious metals unless otherwise stated.

"Gold" or "Silver" refers to the COLOUR of the actual metal.

Product Information for:


Lengths are 7 1/2" - 8" (19cm - 20.5cm) and will be stated in the description. Some designs may not be possible to make shorter without compromising the design. Lengthening can be achieved by an extention chain. Various colours are available. The clasps and findings are NOT made from precious metals unless otherwise stated. "Gold" or "Silver" refers to the COLOUR of the actual metal.

Good Idea - Some bracelet designs would look great as chokers - these work out at twice the bracelet price. Example: BR422 as a choker would be £35          Why not order a matching set! 

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Ear wires and posts are sterling silver. There are options to have goldfilled fittings. Earrings are non-returnable (for hygiene reasons). Earrings can have a STUD  fitting to replace original fitting. This type of fitting will make the earring shorter. Options are in the drop-down boxes below the descriptions. The shopping cart will show the new price for the fitting you have chosen.  Before ordering, please read the descriptions, sizes and codes carefully. Some earrings may appear similar to another, but will have different sized crystals or beads.